Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney, Ryan: the Nigerian Princes

We all know the scheme. A rich Nigerian price has all this money he can't get out of his country. But you could help him, and he'll give you millions. Just send a small bank transfer fee his way of $10,000 and you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams. The current US Election offers a ticket that is the equivalent to the Nigerian email scam. Elect Romney, they say, and his financial success will be yours. There'll be a huge tax cut that'll make you all rich. There'll be jobs everywhere. Business will boom. Money will fall from the sky. Except in this version of the scam there's no mention of the small bank transfer fee needed to get you on the path to wealth. No safety net will be cut. No extra debt. No extra cost. It's all win. No lose. If you fall for that one this election I've got some Nigerian princes I know that need help, and for a small fee I'll help you to help them to help you.

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