Friday, September 4, 2009

A Song In His Heart script

I woke up with this idea in my head, so I wrote it up and submitted it to Corn Stone's comic script 'database' project. His idea is to try to find artist for short scripts, and maybe vice versa.

Now back to the script I was meant to be working on ...

A Song in His Heart
Script: David Tulloch
Art: Insert your name here?

The artwork can be as straight-forward as you like, or as off-beat as you like. The words tell the basic story in most panels, so the illustrating art can be more artistic than descriptive.

Text inside [ ] represent a single block of text. Most panels have more that one block.

Page ONE

[ He had a song in his heart. ]
[ It almost killed him. ]

[ After some reoccurring dizzy spells and passing out at the office he went to his doctor.]
[ The diagnosis was an irregular heartbeat. ]

[ The doctor had never heard anything like it before. ]
[ She recorded the heartbeat and put it on her iPod. ]

[ She couldn't stop listening to it. ]

Page TWO

[ Her ex-husband heard it and asked for it to be put on his iPod. ]
[ She researched how on the web, and in doing so found some file sharing sites. ]

[ She shared the file with the world. ]
[ At first no-one noticed. ]

[ She forgot about the shared file, but never stopped listening to her version. ]
[ She started dating her ex-husband again. ]

[ About the time they remarried there was a news item on TV about the heartbeat. ]
[ It had become a global internet phenomena. ]


[ Several artists recorded hit songs using it as a melody. ]
[ No-one sued over it. ]

[ The man whose heartbeat had started it all had gone through some tough times. ]
[ Medication had tamed his irregular heart. He had no more dizzy spells, but found it hard to sleep at night. ]

[ He had been fired from his job. They never told him it was because their health insurance company was worried he'd cost them too much money. ]

[ His marriage was on the rocks. ]
[ The weekly counseling sessions weren't helping. ]


[ Then he heard his old heartbeat on the radio. ]

[ There was a song in his heart again. ]

4/3 Large panel to finish
[ And this time it wasn't killing him. ]


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